R2 Digital Library

New look for R2 Digital library

Hey there R2 Digital Library, did you do something different to your hair? Lose a couple pounds? You look…different. Really, if I wanted to be gauche about it, I’d say you’ve had some work done.

It’s true. R2 Digital Library, one of our e-book providers, has received a back to school makeover. Things look a little different, hopefully for the better. Updates include:

  • An updated user interface that’s easier to use and navigate
  • Integrated subject areas: View all titles by discipline or all titles alphabetically
  • “A-Z Index” provides integrated topic and drug indices
  • Integrated quick search with expanded faceted search tools
  • Expanded filters offer quick access to specific content by practice area (Nursing, Allied Health, etc.)
  • Image-specific search results displayed in main search results

For more information see this R2 Quick Start Guide.

And kudos to you, R2 Digital Library. Its such a shame when good databases let themselves go. We?áappreciate?áthe?áfresh new look.