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Student Worker Policies and Procedures

Minimum Qualifications

To be eligible for employment as a Student Worker at LSUHSC-N.O., an individual must be enrolled at least part-time as a student in good standing at an accredited high school, junior college, college or university, or a vocational-technical school.

The definition of enrolled at least part-time as a student will rely on the definition used by the institution in which the student is enrolled. Further, if a student is in his/her last semester then any amount of credit hours are acceptable. Summer Student Workers must have been enrolled at least part-time the spring semester immediately preceding summer appointment.


Steps in Hiring a Student Worker

  1. 1. Obtain approval to hire a Student Worker from appropriate administrative official; Department Head/Director & Dean's Office and include written approval in new hire packet.

    2. Determine the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled by the Student Worker.

    3. Determine the minimum qualifications of the Student Worker needed to complete the duties and responsibilities of the position.

    4. Based on the above, determine the responsibility level that will be applicable to the position. See Determining the Responsibility Level of Position section below for more information. (If unsure, please contact the compensation department -

    5. Solicit qualified applicants for the particular Student Worker position. You may post a department/position specific posting on our ATS site or view applicants to our generic Student Worker postings on our ATS site.

Site to review for Student Worker applications:

Applicant Tracking Administration (


Posting to view historical applicants up until 4/28/2023:

Applicant Tracking Administration ( 916


Posting to view applicants as of 4/28/2023:

Applicant Tracking Administration ( 4075

Please email if assistance is required for the following:

  • Added as initiator to create your own department/position specific Student Worker posting.
  • Added as applicant reviewer to generic Student Worker posting (posting 4075).


  1. Screen applications and interview qualified candidates.
  2. Select the best qualified candidate and determine the starting rate for the position. Departments will have the discretion of appointing at any point in the range based on the nature of the work performed, the relevant work experience of the student, the student's academic level, and the student's academic performance. A description of duties and responsibilities of position in support of selected level and rate must be included in new hire packet.
  3.  Request a criminal background check be completed for candidate by sending the following information to
  • Candidate's Name
  •  Personal E-mail Address
  •  Department Name and Department ID
  • Employee Classification: Student Worker
  •  Position Number (if applicable)

Once background check is fully conducted, HR -Talent Acquisition & Operations team will e-mail the department a Background Check clearance.

9. PRIOR to Student Worker starting appointment, the hiring department must complete and collect the necessary appointment documents for submission to HR -Talent Acquisition & Operations (see checklist below.) Once HR -Talent Acquisition & Operations has received, checked, and obtained administrative approvals, they will notify the department of approval for Student Worker to start work.

10. Upon HR approval notification, department will advise HR -Talent Acquisition & Operations team at of confirmed start date of Student Worker.

11. Department must complete I-9:

  •  Section 1 employee portion must be completed no later than first day of paid work.
  •  Section 2 employer portion must be completed within three business days of first day of paid work with accurate start date indicated and supporting documents uploaded.

See I-9 training guide here: Hire Right I-9 Form Training Guide

Allowable Hours:

Student Workers are not to work in excess of 20 hours per week during any week in which classes are in session or exams are scheduled for that full

week. Student Workers may work up to 40 hours per week during any week in which classes are NOT in session or exams are NOT scheduled for that full week.


Student Workers shall only be paid for actual hours worked.

Only LSU Health Sciences Student Workers working 20 or fewer hours per week during the period they are attending school will be exempt from F.I.C.A. withholding taxes. F.I.C.A withholding taxes must be paid by Student Workers not enrolled with LSU Health Science Center.

It is HR's recommendation that at the discretion of the employing department, students may be given a $1 per hour rate increase after accumulating 12 working months of LSUHSC-NO experience, if performance warrants and budget allows.

Increases must be approved and submitted on a PER-3 form to Human Resources prior to the effective date.

Determining the Responsibility Level of Position:

Hiring departments should specifically identify the responsibility level of the position (Foundational, Professional, or Specialized Technical) in the comments section of the PER-2 form when a Student Worker is hired. The comments section of a PER-3 form should be similarly annotated when moving a Student Worker from one responsibility level to another or giving a pay increase on the same level.

The type work required and the education level of the incumbent define Student Worker roles at LSUHSC-NO. There are three types of roles.

  •  Foundational - Performing standard or routine tasks, clerical support, manual labor, non-technical laboratory tasks. Tasks may be complex, such as collecting data from multiple sources to compile spreadsheets, reports, or presentations, cleaning equipment, preparing samples, or
  • monitoring instruments. Some specialized training may be required to fill these roles.
  •  Professional - Requires use of college level education to perform complex tasks requiring independent judgement. Tasks would include duties such as executing experimental protocols, analyzing data, diagnosing computer system issues, or planning and implementing projects.
  •  Specialized Technical - Performing highly specialized professional and technical duties directly related to their field of study. Only open to students who are working towards an advanced degree in healthcare related professions.

Starting salaries should be determined using the scale below based on the complexity of the work performed and the Student Worker’s prior work experience/skills.

Student worker image

*Student Workers may be paid below this level based on available funding until the start of the next fiscal year. Exceptions to these rates should be rare for extraordinary situations and discussed with the compensation department prior to extending offers.


Student Worker Certification Process:

Official Confirmation of at least part-time status should be obtained by department and included in new hire packet via one of the following methods:

Inclusion of official certification of at least part-time status by accredited school on Student Worker application, Student Employment Application.


For non-LSUHSC-NO students, colleges & universities that participate with National Student Clearinghouse, student clearinghouse verification can be completed by sending Educational Verification Form to


LSUHSC-NO students must obtain verification from student portal and provide to department.

If attending an Orleans Parish school, that authority is delegated to the school while in session and to Orleans Parish School Board when school is out of session. You may reach Orleans Parish School Board via telephone at 504-304-3520, or email,

If attending parochial school or public school in any other parish, that authority is the local parish school board.

Student Workers under the age of 18:

The Application to Employ Minors Under Age 18 Form and employment certificate is required for Student Workers less than 18 years of age. (See top of Application to Employ Minors Under Age 18 Form for instructions on these steps).

The department must provide the Talent Acquisition & Operations team at a list of all faculty, staff and students that will come into contact with Student Workers under the age of 18 (for at least 15 minutes) to coordinate completion of mandatory reporter training and working with minors specific background check.


Student Worker Re-Certification Process:

LSUHSC-NO departments that are employing a Student Worker are required to re-certify the minimum part-time status and good standing of each Student Worker at the beginning of each new semester. This re-certification can be accomplished in two ways:

1. Have the institution complete the "Request For Academic Certification" form for the institution.

2. Obtain a letter from the registrar that certifies the Student Workers’ minimum part-time status and good standing.

The re-certification documents must be retained by the employing department.

Student Worker Academic Standing requirements:

Once employed by LSUHSC-NO, Student Workers are required to notify the employing department of any change in their eligibility based on minimum of part-time status or of their academic or disciplinary standing at the institution. Any Student Worker that is placed on academic or disciplinary probation must resign from their Student Worker position immediately.

Student Worker PM/CM Policies:


CM-15 – Student Worker Employment (

Student Workers should not be allowed to work in direct reporting relationships to any immediate family members.

The LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans reserves the right to terminate a Student Worker at any time.



Hiring Checklist for Student Workers

Student Worker Packet Checklist

Download Student Worker Documents

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