Remarkable Woman in Medicine

An obituary for Dr. Ruth Aleman, a revered New Orleans pediatrician, was recently added to the LOUISana Digital Library. Dr. Aleman made amazing strides for women in medicine in the early 1900ÔÇÖs, most noted is her status of being the only woman to head staff at Hotel Dieu.

Over a span of many years Dr. Aleman served as nurse during World War I, graduated from Medical School and worked as an instructor of pediatrics at the Hotel Dieu School of Nursing and Tulane University. For sixteen years she participated in private practice and between 1930 and 1945 she remained a visiting physician at Charity Hospital.

To read more about her accomplishments before her death on November 11, 1958 visit the LOUISiana Digital Library Collection or click here.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Aleman is also a relative of one of the circulation associates at the John P. Isch?® Library.

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