Articles by LSUHSC-NO Scholars Kick Off Spring

There are eight new articles authored by LSUHSC-NO researchers now displayed in the Library. The publications on are on view in the LibraryÔÇÖs Reference area (near the Library elevator) on the third floor of the Resource Center Building, and are also part of the LibraryÔÇÖs Faculty Publications Database.

The Faculty Publications Database includes publications authored by at least one member of the LSUHSC-New Orleans faculty, 1998 ÔÇô present. Access to this database is available to the public. The database is linked from the Library web page here. This page includes a handy link to a PDF of the monthly bibliography of display articles. To add your faculty publications, or for questions about this database, contact Kathy Kerdolff.

LSUHSC-NO authors are shown in bold print:

Desai SD, Reed RE, Burks J, Wood LM, Pullikuth AK, Haas AL, Liu LF, Breslin JW, Meiners S, Sankar S. ÔÇ£ISG15 disrupts cytoskeletal architecture and promotes motility in human breast cancer cells.ÔÇØ Experimental Biology & Medicine. Jan 2012; 237:38-49.

Harch PG, Andrews SR, Fogarty EF, Amen D, Pezzullo JC, Lucarini J, Aubrey C, Taylor DV, Staab PK, Van Meter KW. ÔÇ£A phase I study of low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy for blast-induced post-concussion syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.ÔÇØ Journal of Neurotrauma. Jan 2012; 29(1):168-185.

Pedersen KB, Sriramula S, Chhabra KH, Xia H, Lazartigues E. ÔÇ£Species-specific inhibitor sensitivity of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and its implication for ACE2 activity assays.ÔÇØ American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative & Comparative Physiology. Nov 2011; 301(5):R1293-1299.

Starr, SP. ÔÇ£Genetic Blood Disorders: questions you need to ask.ÔÇØ Journal of Family Practice. Jan 2012; 61(1):37-37.

Theall KP, Scribner R, Broyles S, Yu Q, Chotalia J, Simonsen N, Schonlau M, Carlin BP. ÔÇ£Impact of small group size on neighbourhood influences in multilevel models.ÔÇØ Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. Aug 2011; 65(8):688-695.

Wang P, Thevenot P, Saravia J, Ahlert T, Cormier SA. ÔÇ£Radical-containing particles activate dendritic cells and enhance Th17 inflammation in a mouse model of asthma.ÔÇØ American Journal of Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology. Nov 2011; 45(5):977-983.

Wang Y, Shenouda S, Baranwal S, Rathinam R, Jain P, Bao L, Hazari S, Dash S, Alahari SK. ÔÇ£Integrin subunits alpha5 and alpha6 regulate cell cycle by modulating the chk1 and Rb/E2F pathways to affect breast cancer metastasis.ÔÇØ Molecular Cancer. Jul 2011; 10:84.

Wu XC, Lund MJ, Kimmick GG, Richardson LC, Sabatino SA, Chen VW, Fleming ST, Morris CR, Huang B, Trentham-Dietz A, Lipscomb J. ÔÇ£Influence of race, insurance, socioeconomic status, and hospital type on receipt of guideline-concordant adjuvant systemic therapy for locoregional breast cancers.ÔÇØ Journal of Clinical Oncology. Jan 2012; 30(2):142-150.