October’s LSUHSC-NO Research Highlights

There is a new offering of eight recent articles by LSUHSC-NO researchers to be spotlighted by the Library in October. These are currently on display in the Reference area (near the Library elevator), on the third floor of the Resource Center Building. These items are also part of the LibraryÔÇÖs Faculty Publications Database.

The Faculty Publications Database includes publications authored by at least one member of the LSUHSC-New Orleans faculty, 1998 ÔÇô present. Access to this database is available to the public.

The database is linked from the Library web page here. This page includes a handy link to a PDF of the monthly bibliography of display articles. To add your faculty publications, or for questions about this database, contact Kathy Kerdolff.

LSUHSC-NO authors are shown in bold print:

  1. Garbee DD, Paige J, Barrier K, Kozmenko V, Kozmenko L, Zamjahn J, Bonanno L, Cefalu J. “Interprofessional teamwork among students in simulated codes: a quasi-experimental study.” Nursing Education Perspectives. 2013; 34(5):339-344.
  2. Harch P. “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post-concussion syndrome: contradictory conclusions from a study mischaracterized as sham-controlled.” Journal of Neurotrauma. 2013; epub ahead of print.
  3. Johnston DA, Yano J, Fidel PL, Eberle KE, Palmer GE. “Engineering candida albicans to secrete a host immunomodulatory factor.” FEMS Microbiology Letters. 2013; 346(2):131-139.
  4. Buccola NG, with the Cross-Disorder Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. ÔÇ£Genetic relationship between five psychiatric disorders estimated from genome-wide SNPs.” Nature Genetics. 2013; 45(9):984-994.
  5. McGoey RR, Cheek B, Jain N, Newman WP. “Acute onset of extreme shortness of breath.” Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society. 2013; 165(3):175-177.
  6. Ruiz M, Armstrong M, Ogboukiri T, Anwar D. “Patterns of pain medication use during last months of life in HIV-infected populations: the experience of an academic outpatient clinic.” American Journal Hospice & Palliative Medicine. 2013; epub ahead of print.
  7. Walvekar S, Johnson JL, Jetly R, Kauffman E, deBoisblanc BP. “Clinical Case of the Month: A 52-Year-Old Man With Ecchymotic Leg Ulcers.” Journal of The Louisiana State Medical Society. 2013; 165(3): 232-234.
  8. Wilk A, Waligorski P, Lassak A, Vashistha H, Lirette D, Tate D, Zea AH, Koochekpour S, Rodriguez P, Meggs LG, Estrada JJ, Ochoa A, Reiss K. “Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – induced ROS accumulation enhances mutagenic potential of T-antigen from human polyomavirus JC.” Journal of Cellular Physiology. 2013; 228(11): 2127-2138.