Notice regarding alumni access to Library resources

We have received reports that alumni are being informed they can access Library resources online once they receive an alumni email account. This is incorrect. Alumni do not have access to the Library’s online resources and subscriptions.

Alumni who have been issued an alumni email cannot access Library resources due to licensing restrictions.

If you need any more information or have any questions, please contact us.

Louisiana’s most senior politician = SoM graduate

A feature on WVUE Fox 8 News last night featured Dr. I. C. Turnley. At 85, he’s the most senior elected official in the state, serving as coroner for Lasalle Parish since 1959.

Dr. Turnley is a graduate of LSU School of Medicine in 1956. In fact, it’s indisputable. You can see his name in the graduation record – it’s part of our digital collection of Graduation Programs in the Louisiana Digital Library. Wondering what the life of a medical students was like in that era? Peruse our digital collection of Tiger Rag student newspapers, and you may happen upon his name as well.