MedlinePlus Redesign!

Today is the release of the new MedlinePlus!

In addition to the new logo, new features include:

  • Frequently used content is easier to find like Health Topics, Drugs & Supplements and Videos & Cool Tools
  • Spotlighting popular features such as the Medical Dictionary, Popular Searches and useful NIH databases
  • Web 2.0 technologies that help users share content
  • Emphasizes search and makes navigation more intuitive
  • Rotating image feature at the top of the page displays current interest topics and new MedlinePlus features
  • Distinctive color schemes for English and Spanish pages
  • Quick links to mobile version and updates via email, RSS, and Twitter on every page

For a closer look visit:

MedlinePlus Redesign coming this Summer!


Features to look forward to:
ÔÇóEmphasizes search and makes navigation more intuitive
ÔÇóWeb 2.0 technologies that help users share content
ÔÇóDistinctive color schemes for English and Spanish pages

MedlinePlus Does Anatomy, the authoritative government source for consumer oriented health care information, now has Anatomy Videos! Intended for consumers, “these animated videos show the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them.” The video narrator’s voice is almost as soothing as the one on the Science Channel show, How It’s Made.

College Health

College life can be overwhelming to some, with all the new responsibilities and challenges that one might face. Medline Plus offers several tips in order for college students to maintain healthy lifestyles, such as:

Getting enough sleep

Eating a balanced diet

Keeping up with vaccinations and checkups

Getting regular exercise

Making smart choices about alcohol and drugs

Practicing safe sex

Seeking help if you are depressed or stressed

Finding the right balance might be tough at first but once you implement these practices into your lifestyle you should remain healthy.

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You Can Hear Me Now!

The MedlinePlus medical dictionary now includes audio pronunciations. Learn how to say words like ptosis, SjogrenÔÇÖs and fibrillation. Search the medical dictionary on MedlinePlus and then click on the red speaker icon to hear the pronunciation.

MedlinePlus goes mobile

You can now access FREE patient health information in both English and Spanish on your mobile phone.

Medlineplus viewed on your mobile browser

Medlineplus viewed on your mobile browser

Mobile MedlinePlus includes

  • Topic summaries ÔÇô ÔÇ£snackableÔÇØ pieces of information you can access and digest quickly
  • News ÔÇô the latest in treatment, medical research and healthy living tips
  • Images
  • Encyclopedia articles
  • Drug information
  • Access this new mobile resource at

    Go ahead! After all, your US tax dollars pay for it.