FIXED! Thieme E-Book Library problems

UPDATE: This problem has been fixed, 2/16/2017.  The Thieme E-Book Library titles can be accessed on or off-campus through the INNOPAC catalog.  Thanks for your patience!

The Thieme E-Book Library is not working properly through our library catalog, INNOPAC.  The books can still be accessed on campus directly through the Thieme E-Book Library platform: or off campus through CITRIX.  Books can be read online or downloaded for offline use via iPublishCentral Reader, which is available on the Thieme E-Book Library website.  We are currently updating the links in our catalog and working with the publisher to fix this problem.

Off Campus Access to Thieme Books

*Edit* Access was restored May16, 2012.

Off Campus access to the Thieme Books is currently not working properly through the Library’s WAM system. Titles may still be access if logged into either Citrix or the campus VPN. Thieme journal titles are working correctly. We are investigating the issue. Thanks for your patience.