Library Commons

Library Commons A/V Rooms Available


Want to practice a presentation or share notes with classmates? The Library’s third floor Commons area has flat screen televisions available for use with a laptop.

Stop by the library’s circulation desk and check out the cables and instructions needed to get connected, rooms are available on a first-come?Ø basis.

Sad news for coffee lovers

The last official day to buy Starbucks coffee and other goodies from the kiosk in the Resource Center building is today March 28th. The coffee kiosk in the atrium will remain open during their normal hours. There will be a few small changes in the cafeteria until an agreement in the food service department is reached.

These same changes will take place at the Dental location.




Library’s Bookdrop Temp Location

The bookdrop has temporarily been moved inside the Resource Center building on the 2nd floor between the bookstore and credit union. It will be moved back to its usual location after re-surfacing of the crosswalk is complete (on or about January 2nd).

Access to the Library Commons is possible with an LSUHSC ID during the campus closure; because of the crosswalk re-surfacing, enter the building via the 1st floor.

Ische Library Closed on Saturday (10/13)

The Isché Library will be closed on Saturday, October 13th due to a scheduled Entergy outage. The Library will reopen on Sunday, October 14th at 1:30 pm.

The Library Commons will most likely be unavailable during the outage which is scheduled from 7 am until approximately 3 pm on Saturday.

Library Storm Closure

Because Isaac is lingering the campuses will remain closed until Tuesday, September 4th. The Libraries will reopen at 8 am. Be safe.

The LSUHSC Libraries?á will close today, Monday, August 27th at 5 pm for Isch?® and 4 pm for Dental?áand will remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28th and 29th.?á There is a possibility of being closed on Thursday, August 30th as well, depending on flooding and power issues.?á The Library Commons will be closed as well.

Please visit the Campus Emergency website for more information.

Speaking of Art

You can’t help but notice the striking sculptures by Enrique Alferez around town. Born in Mexico, he moved here in 1929 and made New Orleans his home for the next 70 years.?á The Ogden Museum of Art is currently hosting an exhibit celebrating the prolific artist.

The Created World of Enrique Alf?®rez runs through April 2nd, 2012. But if you can’t make it to the Ogden, stretch your legs and come visit the Library Commons where you can view The Conquest of Yellow Fever.

Wireless Network – Ische Library

There will be a slight change to the Wireless Network in the Library as of February 3rd.?á The networked named “LSUHSC” will no longer be available. Please use “LSUHSC-Secure” instead.?á If you’ve used wireless recently in the Isché Library, it should have been defaulting to the Secure network over the last few months.?á The connection method is the same for both networks.

Water outage Tues. PM (12/20)

There will be a domestic water outage at the Resource Center Building and S. Roman St. Garage this Tuesday, December 20th, from 10:00 PM till 2:00 AM. This outage is needed to cap a leaking waterline located in the University Medical Center construction site. During this outage there will be no hot or cold water in any of the restrooms or the lounges throughout either building.

DISPLAYS: Leather DoctorÔÇÖs Bag

12-4-2011 5-47-44 PM

Expectantly, when doctors did house calls, they depended on their knowledge as well as the considerably well thought out contents placed inside their bags.

Most had six compartments that allowed for a wide range of necessities to be stored; to name a few: injections, gauze, sutures, needles, gloves, and pills. More contents usually meant that the location of practice or closest hospital were farther away.

The bag was usually kept in the trunk or in the vehicles interior, however the hot summer months and freezing temperatures during winter presented challenges for some of its contents. Bottles of sterile water and ampoules were sometimes frozen solid which meant that they had to be thawed out before being administered and even then have the possibility of losing its potency.

Get an up close look! —> Currently on display in the Library Commons

Library Commons

For the new-comers and outsiders, the Library Commons area is open 24/7.

  • It is perfect for individual, small or large group studying.
  • There are 3 full-access computers available and all youÔÇÖll need is your lsuhsc user id & password to gain access.
  • It offers two 46-inch screen televisions for presentation practice ONLY. (Sorry not a place to watch the LSU Tigers or N.O. Saints)
  • For coffee lovers, Starbucks is open Monday thru Friday from 7:45am ÔÇô 3:15pm. (FYI: Cafeteria lunch orders have to be placed by 11:00am)
  • Restrooms are located near the elevators but the nearest water fountain is located on the 2nd floor.
  • For your viewing pleasure, antique medical equipment on display in glass casings.

Final Notes

* In the event you forget your id or are an outsider, go to security office on the 3rd floor of the parking garage and once you sign-in they can buzz you in.

*The Commons is closed when the University is closed. On occasion it is closed for air-duct cleaning and other maintenance.

Displays: Magneto Electric Machine

If you have ever visited the library commons, more likely than not you have noticed the collection of antique medical equipment on display. The display cases boast a wide and interesting array of Old & Rare inventory . . . so interesting in fact many wonder what these items were used for. And when.

In order to solve these mysteries the Isch?® Library plans to give brief history lessons about items in the display case via our blog.

First up is Davis & KidderÔÇÖs Patent Magneto Electric Machine for Nervous Disorders.

This particular machine is dated August 1, 1854 and like each Magneto Electric Machine created, the label inside the box lid provides detailed instructions for proper treatment.

ÔÇ£Directions: Connect two Metallic Cords or wires with the socket in the ends of the box, and apply the handles connected with the other ends of the metallic cords or wires to any part of the person through which it is desirable to pass the current of electricity.ÔÇØ For the full instructions (trust me, they are interesting and a bit scary) click here.

What purpose did this machine serve? The best description is found at Dr. Olgierd Lindan’s Collection of Unusual Medical Devices & Antique Electronics explains in simplest form that and electric current passed through the patientÔÇÖs body ÔÇ£generated by a pair of solenoids that spin against the poles of a large horseshoe magnet.ÔÇØ The electricity was believed to stimulate a healing reaction within the human nervous system.

Did it work? According to the above mentioned website, the treatment of this device is questionable. ÔÇ£The therapeutic value of the treatment, if any, was likely due to the placebo effect. With the electric shocks coursing through his body as he gripped the hand electrodes, the patient definitely felt that ‘something was being done’ about his complaint. Electricity was a new and novel force in the 1800’s and most patients had no prior exposure to it, adding to its curative mystique.ÔÇØ

Fun facts- each Patent Magneto Electric Machine was signed by the production company to ensure genuine authenticity of this machine. Testimonials were also printed on the inside lid delighting in the marvel of this machine.

Planned Power Outage in the RCB

Maintenance will require that the power will be out in the Resource Center Building on Saturday, June 18th from 6 am to 9 am. The Library Commons will be closed during this time. The Isch?® Library plans to open for itÔÇÖs normal hours from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Power Outage in the RCB

Maintenance will require that the power will be out in the Resource Center Building on Saturday, June 4th from 6 am to 9 am. The Library Commons will be closed during this time. The Isché Library plans to open for it’s normal hours from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Library Commons Chilly on 1/17

Due to contractor work on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (Monday, January 17th), the heat will be off in the Resource Center. The Library Commons should be available but chilly. So bundle up to study!

Library Commons Closed

The Library Commons will be unavailable from 6 am on Monday, December 27th through 6 am on Thursday, December 30th due to the re-surfacing of the walkway into the Resource Center Building.