June Faculty Publications

A new selection of articles has been added to the Faculty Publications display in the Ische Library. These eight articles, as well as all of the articles in our Faculty Publications database, are authored by at least one member of our research community here at LSUHSC-New Orleans. Each month the Library is proud to present copies of eight of these publications in a rotating display of 16. They can be viewed in the Reference area, on the wall between the main entrance and the Library elevator, on the third floor of the Resource Center Building.

Here is a list of the newest articles to be featured, with the LSUHSC-NO researchers in bold print:

  1. Almukhtar R, Armenta AM, Martin J, Goodwin BP, Vincent B, Lee B, Dacso MM. Delayed diagnosis of post-surgical pyoderma gangrenosum: A multicenter case series and review of literature. Int J Surg Case Rep. 2018;44152-156.
  2. Chen Y, Hui-Yi Lin , Tseng T, Wen H, DeVivo MJ. Racial differences in data quality and completeness: Spinal cord injury model systems’ experiences. Top Spinal Cord Inj Rehabil. 2018;24(2):110-120.
  3. Chu QD, Zhou M, Peddi P, Medeiros KL, Wu X,Outcomes in real-world practice are different than cooperative trial for elderly patients with early breast cancer treated with adjuvant radiation therapy. Surgery. 2018 Jun;163(6):1213-1219. .
  4. Danos DM, Ferguson TF, Simonsen NR, Leonardi C, Yu Q, Wu XC, Scribner RA. Neighborhood disadvantage and racial disparities in colorectal cancer incidence: A population-based study in louisiana. Ann Epidemiol. 2018;28(5):316-321.e2.
  5. Gould HJ,3rd, Norleans J, Ward TD, Reid C, Paul D. Selective lysis of breast carcinomas by simultaneous stimulation of sodium channels and blockade of sodium pumps. 2018;9(21):15606-15615.
  6. Meier ER, Johnson T, Pinkney K, Velez MC, Kamani N, Odame I. Access to hematopoietic stem cell transplant for patients with sickle cell anemia. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2018;e27105.
  7. Sheahan M, Ma X, Paik D, Obuchowski NA, St Pierre S, Newman WP,3rd, Rae G, Perlman ES, Rosol M, Keith JC,Jr, Buckler AJ. Atherosclerotic plaque tissue: Noninvasive quantitative assessment of characteristics with software-aided measurements from conventional CT angiography. Radiology. 2018 Feb;286(2):622-631.
  8. Zamjahn JB, Beyer EO, Alig KL, Mercante DE, Carter KL, Gunaldo TP. Increasing awareness of the roles, knowledge, and skills of respiratory therapists through an interprofessional education experience. Respir Care. 2018;63(5):510-518.