Top 5 reasons not to use the library

1. We’re cheap
Everyone knows, you get what you pay for. As an LSUHSC member, all of our resources are available to you for free – from articles to books to exam preparation. Who cares if our interlibrary loan service can get you that $35 article you found online for free. If you want to refinance your condo to pay for that Kaplan prep course instead of exploring ExamMaster or USMLEasy, that’s your call. It’s your money: spend it on what you want.

2. We’re too nice
We hear it all the time. We’re so nice, so helpful, so timely. We understand that if you’re used to pulling teeth and dealing with attitude to get a service to which you are entitled, it’s hard to deal with friendly, helpful people. Here’s a kleenex, it’ll be okay.

3. It’s all online
Actually, we’re surprised to even see you in here. With over 12,000 journals and 400 books available to you online, for free, through our library catalog , and more than 400 specialty databases as well, it’s flattering to us that you even made the trip.

4. You’ve adjusted to mediocrity.
Why settle for excellence when you just need to pass? It doesn’t matter that your sloppy references in that paper cost you an entire letter grade. Who cares that you could have let RefWorks do that bibliography for you, in APA style like you needed, in about 2 seconds. It’s fine, really, that you searched Google for those drug interaction references instead of something authoritative like MicroMedex. It’s not like you’re going to hurt anybody…yet.

5. No one likes a smarty-pants
We understand. We know too much. Whether it’s who to talk to about your transcripts, where to start researching your dissertation, or how to set up your mobile phone for campus wireless access, it’s hard to ask a question when you feel you should know the answer. If you can swallow your pride, we’d be happy to help (see point #2). You can even ask us online, if face-to-face interaction is too cringeworthy for you.

So there you have it. 5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T use our library. Can you think of any more?

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