2 Minute Tip: Welcome to The JAMA Network

JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association recently debuted a substantial redesign of its website for the first time since 2001.

When?áJAMA?áand the 9?áArchives?áJournals launched their website in 1999, smartphones had not been invented, Google was still a noun, Mark Zuckerberg was 15, and Steve Jobs was about to become CEO of Apple. While the journals transitioned to a new platform in 2001, most of them have not moved since. In the meantime, the web world evolved and in medicine ÔÇ£digitalÔÇØ became much more than part of the physical examination. Source

New features include a smarter search engine utilizing semantic technologies, more multimedia content, and enhanced CME. At 1:40, this overview of the new JAMA Network definitely qualifies as ?áa two minute tip!

2 Minute tips is a blog series where we bring you short video tutorials on various tools and resources in the library.