Off-Campus Access

eBooks: We Have Them!

This month, the Library’s books display features our eBook databases, and some of the popular, recent editions of titles that can be accessed through our website. eBooks can be located in the following online resources:

AccessEmergency Medicine
R2 Digital Library
Thieme ElectronicBook Library

These databases have been assembled on the Library’s website at:
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Accessing Journal Articles Online class

The dental library will be presenting a class, Accessing Journal Articles Online, tomorrow as part of our celebration of National Medical Libraries Month. Please join us in the dental library conference room from noon-1:00pm. For more information or to reserve your space for this class please email us.

Certificate Error & Remote Access

A number of patrons have been receiving a certificate error when attempting to use the Library’s Remote Access system (WAM).


The certificate was renewed by LSU-Baton Rouge but is not propigating properly for some reason. To install the certificate, click on the from the following link. And then choose Open and then Install. Accept any other default settings. *Please note that this certificate only works with Internet Explorer & not Firefox.*


Once installation is complete (takes about 10 seconds), attempt the off-campus link from the Library’s webpages again.

~EDIT~ This issue is now resolved thanks to the efforts of the IT staff.

Off Campus Access

Just a quick reminder that most LSUHSC-New Orleans resources are available off campus (any where not on the LSUHSC network). This includes full-text materials, books & journals. Check out our handy tutorial.

Off-Campus Access Available

Off Campus Access to the catalog is available once again. Thanks for your patience.

Tutorials for Full-Text Journals

Molly Knapp has completed a Windows Media Video tutorial for accessing full-text journals via the Libraries’ catalog, Innopac. Don’t forget there is also a video for accessing materials remotely.

VPN Changes

The LSUHSC Office of Computer Services provides secure remote access through a VPN (virtual private network) . Last summer, a new VPN client, SSLVPN was rolled out.

On July 29th, users who are still using the old VPN client, SecuRemote, will no longer have access to the Library’s catalog, Innopac. If you have SecuRemote (old client) installed, it must be uninstalled before installing SSLVPN (new client) (directions are available). Please contact your local computer supporter for more information.

Barcode & PIN (WAM) access will be unaffected.

New this semester? Handy info here!

Welcome to LSUHSC and thanks for reading our blog! Here’s some useful tips to get a good start to your studies.

As you stop by the Registrars office (Library ?óÔé¼ÔÇØ 4th floor) for your official university ID, make sure to drop by our Circulation desk for a library bar code. You?óÔé¼Ôäóll need it to check out books & get off-campus access to our many online resources.

Once you have your ID & library barcode, drop by the LSUHSC bookstore on the 2nd floor of the Resource Center Building (433 Bolivar St) to set up your PayPaw account. You can use it in the cafeteria (for food) & the library (to print). You can also add money to it online.

See our handout explaining campus logins.
Contact the LSUHSC help desk at 568-HELP for any questions you might have concerning access to WebCT, Blackboard, email, or other computer related services. You can also contact your school?óÔé¼Ôäós computer support directly.

We have directions for that for XP, Vista and Intel Proset on our homepage.

Cafeteria & Atrium – 3rd floor of the Nursing & Allied Health Building
Campus Bookstore – 2nd floor of the Resource Center Building
Elevated Walkway/Walk to Wellness – access this from the 2nd floor of any campus buildings
Student Financial Aid Office – 2nd floor of the Resource Center Building (around the corner from the Credit Union)
Wellness Center – 3rd floor of the Stanislaus Hall Dormitory
More Campus Maps

2 Minutes!

Two minutes is all it takes to learn how to access resources off campus.

Watch the video.
Window Media Player required