AP Frequently Asked Questions


What procedure should I follow to assure signature approval of staff/personnel?
A memo, signed by the department head, with the name of the individual with approval authority and their signature should be provided to all pertinent areas of Supply Chain Management.

What address do the vendors use to mail their invoices, and what happens if the vendor mails the invoice directly to the department instead of AP?
All POs indicate that all invoices should be mailed to Accounts Payable, 433 Bolivar St., Box B6-6, New Orleans, LA 70112.  Occasionally, vendors will mail the invoice directly to the department. When this happens, it is important that the department send the approved invoice to AP as soon as possible.

What happens if the PO number referenced on the invoice does not exist in the system?
If the PO number on an invoice received in AP does not exist in the system (i.e.. requisition not approved), AP notifies Purchasing and the department.  No AP action can be taken until Purchasing creates the PO.

What happens if the vendor fails to provide a PO number on the invoice?
If there is no PO number referenced on the invoice, AP will make every effort to identify by address, department, and/or individual names, where to direct the invoice.  If unsuccessful, the invoice is returned to the vendor, with a form letter attached defining what is needed for AP to proceed with payment.