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LaCarte Purchasing Card

The P-Card, known as La Carte, is a Bank of America VISA credit card issued to authorized employees for the purpose of making small dollar purchases. La Carte has been established to provide a convenient means with which to make purchases and, at the same time, reduce costs associated with initiating and paying for those purchases. La Carte is "programmed" with a range of information including the cardholder's identity, the billing cycle, the default chart string to which purchases are to be charged, dollar limits (maximum single transaction limit $5,000- including shipping & handling charges), and the types of merchants that may or may not be utilized.  Please feel free to contact us or click the below links for more information.



Danielle R. Burlison
Director, Payable Services
Phone: (504) 568-4554

Monica Martin,
Staff Accountant
Travel & DP
(504) 568-4729

Eugene Rouzan
Accounts Payable Manager
(504) 568-4695



Scanning Procedure:

In lieu of scanning and attaching individual receipts into Works, please scan your complete p-card documentation to . Complete documentation includes a signed transaction log by both the cardholder and approver, all itemized receipts and supporting documentation. Please make sure all receipt images and associated documents are legible.

It is recommended that each department assign a designated scanner for pcard documents. To minimize the risk associated with imaged receipt alterations, separation of scanning duties is an integral part of our internal control procedures. Hard copies of the LaCarte documentation should be retained by the department until disposal approval is sent via email by Accounts Payable. This email will typically be sent out 6 to 8 weeks after the billing cycle end date.

Reallocation and sign off in Works by both the accountholder and approver remains a requirement.



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