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Clinical Trial Post Award Training Dec 2021


Clinical Trial : involves reseach (a) to increase scientific understanding about normal or abnormal physiology, disease states, or developments and (b) to evaluate the safety, effectiveness or usefulness of an investigtional drug or device. 

Clinical Trials can be sponsored by industry, foundations, Federal Government and by Investigator

Clinical Trials are trying to prove:

  •       If a drug/device is safe and effective
  •       How a drug/device might be used in that disease
  •       How much of a drug is needed
  •       Information about the potential benefits and risks of taking a drug or using a device

Clinical Research: involves research that takes place in a hospital or clinical setting and is focused on treating specific human disease and other aliments. Clinical Sudy is equivalent to Clinical Research.

Clinical Research can include both interventional and non-interventional studies        

Clinical Trial Invoices

Clinical Trial Invoices should be submitted electronically to the follwing e-mail address:  
Include in subjet line
RE: Project number and Sponsor Name

Backup documentation should be included with the invoice to support what was submitted to the sponsor

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