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Direct Pay

A direct pay check is a non-payroll reimbursement check that is issued without the requirement of a LSUHSC purchase order. These reimbursements do not follow the formal requisition / purchasing process, but are required to comply with the Louisiana Procurement Code (RS 39:1551) and the Governor's Small Purchase Executive Order- All direct pay check requests are reviewed by Monica Martin, Candace Thomas, and/or Danielle Burlison

online Payment Request (replacing paper Direct Pay check request)

The Payment Request allows users in self-service to submit a non-purchase order invoice very easily. Utilization of the Payment Request feature allows users outside of the Direct Pay department to initiate and submit non-purchase order invoice payments and reimbursements.

Payment Request User Guide

Account Codes and Descriptions

Payment Request Presentation

Payment Request "See and Do" tutorial


Electronic Direct Pay Reimbursement Options:

LSUHSC employees - By providing an employee's seven digit LSUHSC employee id on the payment request, a direct deposit will be initiated to the bank account on file with our Payroll office.

Non- LSUHSC employees- By providing the payee's personal email address in the payment request, this payment method will initiate an ACH "Zelle" payment to the recipent. If the payee is not enrolled within the Zelle network or chooses not to accept the ACH payment, after two business days, a paper check will be generated and mailed to the payee's address on file with the University.

Electronic Payment Quick Reference Guide

Please click here for more details regarding the different payment methods


Processing Time:

Normal Season 5 working days
Peak Season 12 working days
(Peak Season is Fiscal & Calendar year end)