Accounting Services

Subrecipient Monitoring

         -The CFDA title may be found on

         -For award type, please enter the awarding agency (NIH, CDC, NSF, etc.)


Subaward Invoice Payment Request

To streamline the payment request process for subaward invoices, please send them, signed by the business manager and PI, to  

In the Subject line, please place the following:
RE: Subaward Invoice project number, Subawardee Name, Invoice Number and/or time period covered by the invoice. 

For example:  “RE: Subaward Invoice 149742358A, LSUHSC-Shreveport, S21-0589, Dec 2020”. 

Invoices sent to us for approval must have current and correct information on them, specifically:

  • LSUHSC project number
  • LSUHSC Purchase Order (P.O.) number - must be an active P.O. with funds available
  • Departmental signature approval 
  •  PI certification signature 
  • Contracts Management Office Tracking #, if stated, should be correct (for example, SOM-21-17-102)
  • FINAL invoices should be marked "FINAL" and a certificate of sub-recipient form should be attached ( see under desk audit)
  • Hgh Risk subrecipients should have full documentation for invoice and a sub-recipient High Risk Subrecipient certification form

Desk Audit on Subrecipient Invoice

Desk Audits should be sent to  In Subject line please place the following:  RE: Desk Audit (Project number) (Subawrdee Name)

Desk audit suggestions:  Suggestions

Desk Audits should include the following:

  • Completed Desk Audit  Form
  • Fully approved Invoice being audited
  • Ledgers and/or backup to support the invoice expenditures
  • Fully approved Certificate of Sub-recipient forms for desk audits

Certificate of Sub-recipient forms For Desk Audits & Final Invoices and High Risk Subawardee

  • Desk Audit - Low/Medium Risk - Certification of Sub-recipient form - (also for use during review of sub-recipient's final invoice)  Form
  • Desk Audit - High Risk - Certificate of Subrecipient form - Form