To streamline the payment request process for subaward invoices, please send them, signed by the business manager and PI, to our e-mail  address.  In the Subject line, please place the following:

RE: Subaward Invoice project number, Subawardee Name, Invoice Number and/or time period covered by the invoice. 

For example:  “RE: Subaward Invoice 149742358A, LSUHSC-Shreveport, S21-0589, Dec 2020”. 

Also, invoices sent to us for approval must have current and correct information on them, specifically:

• LSUHSC project number

• LSUHSC Purchase Order (P.O.) number – must be an active P.O. with funds available

• Departmental signature approval 

• PI certification signature 

• Contracts Management Office Tracking #, if stated, should be correct (for example, SOM-21-17-102)


Please submit copies of any desk audits to N.O. Sponsored Projects


  • -Subrecipient Monitoring Webcast - June 10, 2014

             **HRSA Presentation Slides**



  • -Subrecipient Monitoring Policy - As of 3/10/16



  • Subrecipient Invoice template invoice -



  • Subrecipient Invoice Certification form (for internal approval by LSUHSC-NO personnel)



         -The CFDA title may be found on

         -For award type, please enter the awarding agency (NIH, CDC, NSF, etc.)



Desk Audits

  • Desk audit suggestions:



  • Desk Audit form      



Desk Audit -- Low/Medium and High Risk Subrecipient Invoice Certification forms have to be completed and signed by the subrecipient.


                                                         Certificate of Sub-recipient forms 

  • Desk Audit - Low/Medium Risk - Certification of Sub-recipient form - (also for use during review of sub-recipient's final invoice)



  • Desk Audit - High Risk - Certificate of Subrecipient form -