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Travel FAQ

How is parking reimbursed for a conference held locally?

When reimbursement for parking is requested in conjunction with a conference held in the New Orleans Metropolitan area, both the parking expense and conference registration fee should be reimbursed via a travel voucher form. It is acceptable to place the conference registration fee on a pcard; however, if a parking expense is being claimed, the parking fee must be reimbursed via the travel voucher reimbursement process (not via pcard or Direct Pay reimbursement). Parking expense reimbursement should be claimed under the car storage section on the travel voucher form.

If there is a local conference without parking expenses, the conference fee may be reimbursed via a Direct Pay request or paid via pcard.

Other non-travel expenses, such abstract fees, books etc., obtained while a traveler is at a conference are eligible for reimbursement through a DP request or may be paid via pcard.

I don't see my destination city listed on the travel regulations. How is the reimbursement rate determined?

If a traveler's destination city is not listed within a tier per the State's travel regulations, then the "out of state" rate is applied (under Tier II).


How should my mileage reimbursement be documented?

When claiming mileage, in addition to an odometer reading and/or MapQuest print out of your to and from locations, specific addresses must be included on your mileage log. For example, if you travel from your home to Baton Rouge and back, "from Metairie" "to Baton Rouge" (an vice versa) will not be accepted. The following is a correct example on how to document such a trip:



Odometer Reading


Odometer Reading


Total Miles

1234 Tiger Dr. Metairie, LA


1201 N. Third Street, Baton Rouge




1201 N. Third Street, Baton Rouge


1234 Tiger Dr. Metairie, LA





Also, if you make frequent trips to the same city and location and the mileage varies by more than 5 miles, an explanation must be submitted for the discrepancy. For example, if you frequently travel to the Baton Rouge addresses listed above and one way is listed as 60 miles while the return trip is listed as 75 miles, an explanation must be submitted for the difference.


What is a reference number or voucher number?                                                                                                  

It is a number used for tracking purposes and starts with "TV" your department ID and ends with four characters of your choice. For example TV1234560DB01. These numbers can not be duplicated. Reference numbers exceeding this length may not be fully legible on the traveler's reimbursement check.


How quickly will I receive my travel reimbursement?                                                                                  

Normal processing time is 5 business days given that all of the proper documentation and signatures are provided. Processing time may extend to 12 business days during peak season (calendar & fiscal year end).

Is insurance on rental cars reimbursable?

CDW/Damage Waiver Insurance and $1 million liability protection coverage is included with the Enterprise State Motor Pool contract. All other rental car insurance is provided through ORM. If an accident occurs while on official state business, the accident should be reported to ORM and the rental company. Purchasing insurance is not recommended for rental cars unless the rental occurs outside the country.

What should I do if I get into an accident with a rental car?

  • First, contact the car rental branch immediately and report the incident.

  • Second, contact the police and obtain a police report (if necessary).

  • Next, complete form DA 2041 (State Vehicle Accident Report) must be completed within 48 hours (weekends included) of the incident. Send a copy of the completed DA 2041 to the Office of Risk Management, Attn: DA 2041 by fax at (225) 342-4470 or by email at Send a copy of the completed DA 2041 to Chanel Baiamonte by fax (504) by email

  • Include a copy of the police report along with the DA 2041 submission.  HOWEVER, if not immediately available, submit the DA 2041 without it, and follow-up later when received.