Accounting Services

Time and Effort Certification Policy

Time and Effort Forms are produced to certify Federal effort per the Uniform Guidance.(200.430i)

Other sponsored agencies require us to maintain Time and Effort Certifications.

The State Legislative Auditors review these forms for compliance with the Uniform Guidance, to validate Cost Sharing, to validate effort on other sponsored programs, and to ensure State Unrestricted Funds are used appropriately.

Delinquent Time and Effort Forms can result in the disallowance of salaries by Federal or State Auditors.

Additional Time and Effort Certification Resources:
Electronic Submission of Documents to:

Emailing scanned signed forms to the Sponsored Projects Office or faxing signed forms to the Sponsored Projects Office is an acceptable means of submitting forms.  

The original T&E must be maintained by the department in accordance with the University's Record.

Changes Subsequent to the Certification of Time and Effort Reporting:

If a retroactive change in source of funds is submitted and has an effect on any previous certifications on  sponsored activities, a recertification of the Time and Effort form is required.