Accounting Services

Sponsored Projects

The Sponsored Projects Office is responsible for oversight of grants and research contracts - from approving budget proposals before submission to financial reporting.

Our office is located in Room 612 of the Resource Center.

Key Sponsored Projects Policies: 

All university personnel are required to comply with the following policies regarding sponsored projects:

Indirect Cost Waiver Request

Payroll Budget Error Re-Direct for Federal Awards

Monitoring Federal Awards Policy

OMB Uniform Guidance  (Click here for UG Videos including FAQs)

NIH Grants Policy Statement (includes information on Allowable and Unallowable Costs)aff 

COVID-19 Information and Guidance


Salary Cap Link:


Clincard Request Form Procedure

Project Set Up Request Form:

Sponsored Project Number Request form (updated 11/17/23)

Rebudget Request Form:
Prior Budget Approval Form

Journal Entry Template:
JE Template

Cost transfer for retroactive transactions:

Please Submit Request to the Following:

Retro/Prospective PER3 to:

Please note: all eCSOF need to be received in our department by 3pm on the 1st working day of the month to be processed for month end close.

Clinical Trial invoices to:

All other request to:


Stephanie Laurent, MBA, CPRAM
Director for Financial Reporting, Asset Management and Sponsored Projects Accounting
(504) 568-2987

Lynne J. Tardiff, CPA
Assistant Director Sponsored Projects Accounting
(504) 599-0841

Wendy Roark
Manager, Research Administration & Fiscal Analysis
(504) 568-4867 

Angela Han
Manager, Grants Billing & FIscal Operations

Gloria Berry
Manager, Clinical Trials Billing Operations
(504) 568-3092

Julia Andrews
Sr. Staff Accountant
(504) 568-3674

Erica Perrilloux
Staff Accountant
(504) 568-1617