Accounting Services


Required Documentation for DP Requests

  1. License, Dues, Subscriptions - dues renewal/application/order form
  2. Local Conferences - completed registration form
  3. Food/Catering - itemized invoice, completed prior approval form, and list of attendees (except finger food)
  4. Supplies - itemized invoice or completed order form including shipping cost, ship to address and price list
  5. Reimbursements to Individuals via DP request - Documentation of what was purchased and proof of payment. This includes 
    • itemized receipts OR
    • detailed e-mail or website receipts
      • AND
    • Proof of payment including, but not limited to, credit card statement, receipt showing the last 4 digits of the credit card successfully charged, canceled checks (need copy of front and back to show payment cleared the bank), or a bank cleared check listing. If paid through a third party credit card processors and abbreviated card information is not displayed on the receipt, other proof of payment is required.
  6. Clinical Trial Participant Payments- The Direct Pay request for clinical trial incentive payments must include the following information:
  • Name of Participant
  • Social Security Number
  • Copy of the page in the study referencing incentive disbursements (this should be limited to one or two pages; a copy of the entire study documentation is not needed.)
  • Chartstring indicating where expenses are to be applied.
  • Appropriate authorized signature.


The University is required by IRS regulations to submit 1099-MISC forms for all participants paid $600 or more per calendar year. These payments are not subject to tax withholdings but are considered taxable income and are required to be reported to the IRS. Due to the potential for cumulative payments to a single participant reaching this dollar threshold, ss# collection is required for compensation eligibility.



  1. No lab supplies on administrative accounts.
  2. Shipments should be made to a University address.

Address instructions: If the check is a reimbursement to an employee, the department office address should be used. If the purpose of the check is to pay for a vendor invoice, the vendor mailing address should be used.