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  • Sponsored Projects has the completed questionnaires for any subrecipients not marked "pending" in questionnaire list.
  • Please follow up on any subrecipient with a pending status.  Their questionnaires have not been completed.
  • Please contact Sponsored Projects for copies of any questionnaires that may help you complete your risk assessments.


Uniform Guidance, Section 200.331 requires a risk analysis to evaluate the likelihood that a subrecipient will fail to comply with the requirements of the subaward.


                                                              General information



LINK - 10% de minimis rate on federal subcontract

"If a subrecipient already has a negotiated indirect cost rate established with their cognizant agency for indirect cost, the negotiated rate must be used. It is not permissible for pass-through entities to force or entice a proposed subrecipient without a negotiated rate to accept less than the de minimis rate."


Risk Assessment

1. The department/PI is required to:

  • complete the information section at the top of the form  (Please make sure the PI signs off on the form.)
  • complete all the rows highlighted in blue.  Please put an "x" next to your selection.
  • submit original form to Sponsored Projects for processing


2. The Risk Assessment Committee will review the risk assessment form along with the Subrecipient Questionnaire.

3. The completed Risk Assessment form will be returned to the department.

4. The department will attach a copy of the Risk Assessment form to the subcontract before routing to the Contract Office.

Risk Assessment will be performed on active subcontracts as of July 1, 2015.




Subrecipient vs Contractor form

Before starting a subcontract questionnaire or subcontract agreement, the "Subrecipient vs Contractor form" has to be completed to ensure an organization is classified correctly. If the organization falls under the "Subrecipient" category, please have the "Subrecipient Questionnaire (if applicable)" and the Risk Assessment forms completed.



If a subrecipient is in, please check to see if they are "active".

Use or the DUNS website to verify subrecipient’s DUNS number

This must be documented. Please print out a screenshot.

The person verifying this information should write the following information on the screenshot:

o Date

o Name of person who checked

o Signature of person who checked