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Attention International Travelers:

If you are traveling internationally and will need access to your LSUHSC-NO IT resources such as email, Citrix, VPN, etc., please contact Information Security,, for information on restrictions and/or exceptions that may be needed to allow access while out of the country.

International Travel Review Committee:

A new law, the Louisiana Higher Education Foreign Security Act of 2022 (LAHEFSA), recently went into effect which establishes certain requirements for our community regarding foreign travel. In order to ensure University compliance with this act, which requires screening and pre-approval for any employment-related international travel or other activities by any LSUHSC-NO employee, we are adopting campus-wide procedures below in conjunction with rules established by the International Travel Committee (ITC). While these policies and procedures were developed by the School of Medicine, they now are applicable to all Schools and administrative units, effective immediately.

Here’s a link to the International Travel Committee’s (ITC) policies and procedures:

A few key points to note regarding submissions to the ITC for review and prior approval:

  • To remain in compliance, all International travel must be approved prior to submitting an abstract to a meeting, accepting an invitation to speak or moderate, registering for a meeting, or incurring any other travel expenses. Prior approval includes approval from the ITC as well as an approved travel prior approval form signed by both the appropriate Dean’s Office and the Chancellor (or his designee -VCAF).
  • The justification forms and attachments must be submitted to the ITC by no later than the 15th of the month prior to the month of travel to ensure timely review and approval.
  • International travel must go through the ITC for approval regardless of the source of funding for the travel (i.e., grants, state funds, foundation funds, etc.).
  • Travel to Canada or Mexico does not require approval by the ITC; however, travel to these two countries is still considered International travel for reimbursement purposes. Reimbursement for International Travel follows the State Department’s reimbursement rates per PM-13. Travel to Canada or Mexico requires the Chancellor’s prior approval (or his designee- VCAF).
  • Using Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) to book airfare is strongly recommended and encouraged for International Travel as travel booked through CBT will automatically be registered through LSU’s International Travel Insurance program.


All international travel must be approved by the Chancellor (or designee) prior to incurring any travel related  expenses.


Travel to foreign countries is subject to US Department of State rates for lodging, and meals and incidentals (M&IE). 

Rate lookup tool:

Currency conversion tool:

International Travel Insurance:

LSU has partnered with On Call International to best assist LSU and its global travelers with managing international risks and emergencies.

Key features of the program:

  • Medical, travel, security assistance, and evacuation services 
  • International medical expenses coverage
  • Coordination of emergency and non-emergency medical care
  • Coordination of travel arrangements for certain emergency circumstances such as hospitalization abroad
  • Travel monitoring app and critical event intelligence alerts (powered by OnSolve)
  • Pre-trip planning, including individual security risk assessments
  • 24-7 assistance access during travel 
  • Network of global partners to provide country-specific assistance 
  • Coverage of lost luggage or travel documents 
  • Coverage for government mandated Covid quarantine 

Who is covered?

  • Individual employees and students who book through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) for pre-approved University business or sponsored trips
    • No need to register because CBT communicates directly with On Call in order to collect traveler data. Booking through CBT is strongly encouraged.
  • Individual travelers who do not book through CBT: 
  • Guests: 

Access the following links for more information:

On-Call Insurance and Services

On-Call International Insurance Coverage

On-Call Pre Departure Resource- includes link to an orientation video and planning documents

Main Campus Risk Management 

On-Call Contacts:

If you need Medical, Security or Travel assistance, regardless of the nature or severity of your situation, contact On Call 24 hours a day:

Call collect from anywhere in the world*: +1 603-328-6396

Call toll-free US / Canada: 1-833-425-5104

24/7 Live

Text Only: +1 844-302-5131