The mission of the Travel Department is to audit travel expense vouchers for compliance with State and University regulations, to provide timely and accurate reimbursement of travel expenses to employees and non employees traveling on official University business, and to provide education and training to LSUHSC employees on the travel regulations imposed by the University.

PM-13 LSU Travel Regulations

Summary of PM-13  FY23 changes effective July 1, 2022

  1. Mileage rate has increased to.62 cents per mile.
  2. A time stamped photo of a pump showing the number of gallons purchased and the total price will be accepted if a traveler is unable to receive a receipt from the pump or cashier.
  3. Uber and Lyft  services- a standard sized vehicle is encouraged with an itemized receipt. Wait times are not reimbursable.
  4. Public ground transportation- reimbursement has been reduced to $10 per day without a receipt. Reimbursement claims exceeding $10 per day will require a receipt.
  5. Meal per diem allowances have increased- see Appendix A for full details
  6. New Orleans airport parking- receipts are required for any one of the three options- Surface Lot at $18 per day, Airline Economy Garage at $12 per day, or USPark at $14 per day.
  7. Baggage handling tips- reimbursement has been reduced to a maximum of $5 per day.
  8. Special meal allowances- have increased (excluding refreshments and receptions)- see Appendix A for full details
  9. Special meal and University sponsored conferences- a sign in sheet or a list of attendees
  10. In-State University sponsored conferences (excluding New Orleans)- the rate for lunch has increased to $28, exclusive of taxes and tip.
  11. Out of State University sponsored conference and those held in New Orleans- the rate for lunch has increased to $38, exclusive of taxes and tip.
  12. Travel scholarships covered by a third party or sponsor are subject to ethics reporting.
  13. Any travel related expenses (hotel, meals and internet expenses) for quarantine and/or tests while on University business travel will be considered a university expense. Receipts are required.

Electronic Travel Reimbursement Options:

LSUHSC employees - By providing an employee's seven digit LSUHSC employee id on their travel reimbursement voucher, a direct deposit will be initiated to the bank account on file with our Payroll office.

Non- LSUHSC employees- By providing the payee's personal email address, this payment method will initiate an ACH "Zelle" payment to the recipent. If the payee is not enrolled within the Zelle network or chooses not to accept the ACH payment, after two business days, a paper check will be generated and mailed to the payee's address on file with the University.

Electronic Payment Quick Reference Guide

Please click here for more details regarding the different payment methods

Processing Times:

Normal Season - 5 work days

Peak Season - 12 work days (fiscal and calendar year end)

Travel training is offered semi annually at various locations on the downtown campus. To view a recording of the latest session covering FY23 regulations, please click here:

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