The mission of the Travel Department is to audit travel expense vouchers for compliance with State and University regulations, to provide timely and accurate reimbursement of travel expenses to employees and non employees traveling on official University business, and to provide education and training to LSUHSC employees on the travel regulations imposed by the University.

PM-13 LSU Travel Regulations

Summary of PM-13  FY22 changes:

  1. Mileage rate decreased to .56 cents per mile
  2. Contractors are not exempt from paying state sales taxes; therefore, the University may reimburse contractors for state sales taxes
  3. Enterprise, National and Hertz are the vehicle rental vendors for in-state travel and use is mandatory for University employees and/or authorized travelers on University buisiness. It is at the travelers discretion which rental company is used
  4. Meal per diem for breakfast increased to $12 and lunch increased to $16 on Tier I; dinner increased to $31 on Tier II. All other rates remain the same.
  5. Tier II lodging for the New Orleans area. Refer to Appendix A for the New Orleans lodging rate changes
  6. When flying out of New Orleans, USPark remains the preferred parking lot and uncovered parking is reimburseable with a receipt. If parking at another facility in New Orleans, an employee may be paid actual expenses for uncovered parking with a receipt.
  7. Section X11 Covid-19 Pandemic has been added to include the following information regarding business travel:
    • Travelers are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated prior to any travel
    • It is the responsibility of the faculty/staff/students to consider the travel risk, especially at the destination before traveling
    • Any Covid-related travel expenses for quarantine and/or test while on University business travel will be considered a University business expense.



Processing Times:

Normal Season - 5 work days

Peak Season - 12 work days (fiscal and calendar year end)

Travel training is offered semi annually at various locations on the downtown campus. To view a recording of the latest session covering FY20 regulations, please click here: