Accounting Services

Card Management

Important Dates

The LaCarte billing cycle begins on the 6th and ends on the 5th of every month.  Please print the Transaction Log on the 7th as to allow all transactions sufficient time to post to the correct cycle.

All transactions MUST be reallocated from expense account 547250 seven business days after the close of the billing cycle. This is the General Ledger account in WORKS. After the seventh day, transactions will be "swept"; at that point, manual Journal entries will have to be completed to move expenses.

All LaCarte documentation (receipts, transaction log, packing slips etc.) are due no more than five business days after the close of the cycle.

Reallocating a Transaction

Every transaction must be reallocated and signed off in WORKS.  During the LaCarte application process, a default PeopleSoft Speed type will be assigned to each card. Unless reallocated in WORKS, charges will be automatically charged to this default speed type. The expense account 547250 will be the default account on all La Carte cards. Reallocation from this account MUST take place in WORKS.

Spending Limits

The State of Louisiana has set the maximum single transaction limit at $5,000. The individual departments can set a per transaction limit lower than $5,000 per cardholder if deemed appropriate. They may also set monthly dollar limits, a daily transaction limit, and a monthly transaction limit (LSUHSC's billing cycle ends on the fifth of each month).

Should a cardholder wish to increase or decrease any of these limits after they have been set, they should confer with their Business Manager. The Business Manager should send an e-mail to the La Carte Administrator requesting the change.

Transactions greater than $5,000 are blocked on LaCarte and will be denied at the point of sale. SPLITTING A PURCHASE TO CIRCUMVENT THIS SINGLE TRANSACTION LIMIT IS  A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW.

Purchasing Card Security

Cards must be diligently safeguarded at all times. Each cardholder must know where his/her card is at all times. If a card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must call Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The La Carte Administrator must be informed as well. Lost cards reported by telephone are blocked immediately. If a card is reported lost or stolen immediately, which means as soon as the cardholder becomes aware, there is no liability. Replacement cards will be ordered by the La Carte Administrator and should be issued within 24 hours.

Activating Card

The cardholder should call the 1-888 number on the card to activate it. You will be prompted for an activation code. Your activation code is the last four digits of your social security number. If you have problems activating your card, please hold the line to speak with a Bank of America customer service representative.

Card Renewal

Cards will be automatically renewed before their expiration date.  Renewal cards will be sent to the program Administrator who will contact the cardholder for delivery.  Each cardholder will have to sign for the renewal card at the time of receipt.  New cards are issued for a period of two years, except those cards issued during the last year of the Bank of America contract with the State.

Canceling Card

Upon termination of employment or transfer to another department, the cardholder must return his/her Purchasing Card to the Department Head and/or Business Manager. The La Carte Administrator must be notified by either completing a card maintenance form or by submitting an e-mail request. The La Carte card must be returned to the program administrator. The La Care Administrator may require that a cardholder turn in the Purchasing Card in case of misuse and/or fraud. Also, Department Heads and/or Business Managers may require cardholders to turn in cards for cancelation based on criteria they determine for their own departments.

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