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La Carte Card Documentation

An original receipt showing the purchase date, vendor name, total purchase amount, and an itemized listing of what was purchased is required for every transaction.  In addition to a proper receipt, there are several types of transactions that require extra documentation.  Please make sure when turning in the monthly transaction log that the proper documentation is accompanying the receipts for any purchases that fall into the categories listed below.

Catering: Open to Business Managers and Upper Management Only

Submit the prior approval form and a list of attendees or a sign in sheet.

Conference Registration Fees

Submit the conference registration form along with a copy of the Travel Prior Approval Form, with "P-Card" marked on the registration fee line.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The LaCarte card may be used for rental cars only through the State contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Along with the receipt from Enterprise, cardholders must submit the Travel Prior Approval Form in the transaction log.

Employee Recruitment Advertisement

Attached to the receipt must be the EOE approval from Human Resources.  This can be in the form of an email from HR, the EOE stamp, or the Per 1.

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