Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Payroll Section located?
Payroll is located in Room 611 on the 6th Floor of the Library, Resource and Administration Building. The address is 433 Bolivar Street, Suite 611, New Orleans, LA 70112.

Can I sign up for multiple direct deposits to various banking institutions?
Yes. There is no fixed limit to the number of direct deposits.

Are increases for student workers automatic?
No. Increases for student workers should be based on performance, quality of work, dependability, acquisition of skills, etc. There would be no "automatic" reason to support an increase for a student worker who is marginal in the above stated areas.

What is the maximum allowable annual contribution to the voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan (403(b)) and/or Deferred Compensation Plan?
Depending on the employee's age, the maximum annual contribution is as follows:

Employees under the age of 50 during the respective calendar year:

Year 2015 - $18,000.00

Employees reaching the age of 50 during the respective calendar year:

Year 2015 - $24,000.00

Employees should consult the Payroll Department or the Benefits Department regarding eligibility for maximum contribution.

Can an employee contribute the maximum to both the 403(b) Plan and the Deferred Compensation Plan?
Yes. For example, an eligible employee under the age of 50 can contribute $18,000.00 to each Plan for the Year 2015 for a total of $36,000.00.

Can employees contribute to multiple 403(b) vendors?
Yes. An employee can contribute to more than one vendor. The total contributions between the vendors cannot exceed the maximum annual contribution.

How often can an employee revise his or her Federal Withholding Form (W-4) or State Withholding Form (L-4)?
Employees can revise Federal Withholding or State Withholding form as often as needed.

When will the garnishment of my wages stop?
Garnishment deductions from payroll checks will cease upon the receipt of a release from the courts.

After separation, how long will it take for me to receive my check for accumulated annual leave?
It depends upon the timely submission of attendance/leave vouchers from your department as well as timely routing of required termination forms. Once these two items have been accurately submitted, Payroll will issue a check on the "off-cycle" payroll week