3D printing coming soon!

The LSUHSC-NO Libraries is proud to announce that it has been awarded the first  National Network of Libraries of Medicine South Central Region’s (NN/LM SCR) Emerging Technologies Award.  With the funds provided by this award, the Libraries will purchase two 3 dimensional printers and two 3 dimensional scanners to be placed in the libraries.  This equipment will be available for free to everyone affiliated with LSUHSC-NO.

LSUHSC-NO Libraries’ goal of this project is to provide students with a friendly, welcoming, environment to innovate, create, collaborate, and discover.  The library seeks to give students, staff, and faculty opportunities to explore 3D technology in an accessible location without exorbitant costs.  These scanners and printers will offer the means to build prototypes, create models, improve equipment, and so on, limited only by one’s imagination.

The mission of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) is to advance the progress of medicine and improve the public health by providing all U.S. health professionals with equal access to biomedical information and improving the public’s access to information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. The Program is coordinated by the National Library of Medicine and carried out through a nationwide network of health science libraries and information centers.  This year, the South Central Region instituted the Emerging Technology Award to to assist libraries in the integration of new and emerging technologies in their institutions to promote health information services.  

Further developments on this project will be announced as available.

What will you make?

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ORS Professional Development Series Presents

On Friday January 9th, from 10am – 11:30am, Nicole G. Hammill will present The presentation will provide an overview of what is and expand on making grant applications to federal agencies. It will be held in Room 303 of the Lions Building.


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Funding Databases

Thanks to other groups on campus, the Libraries have created pages for 2 funding sources available to all LSUHSC faculty, staff and students.

Grant Forward is the newly revised IRIS database and is provided by the LSUHSC New Orleans Office of Research Services.

SciVal Funding allows searching in the US and abroad and is provided by the Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center Office of Grants and Development.

Both databases are available on and off campus with the Libraries’ WAM access.



Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program Grant

The LSUHSC School of Nursing has been awarded a $700,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration. The grant will fund students who are pursuing degrees in the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program. “Money can be used for tuition, books, fees, and reasonable living expenses,” according to the alert released by the Office of Information Services. Full-time students who meet eligibility requirements may receive up to $22,000 from the grant.

$3.12 Million Grant

LSU Health Sciences Center was recently awarded a $3.12 million grant through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in order to train more primary care physicians.

An article on states “The five-year grant will be used to double the number of primary care doctors trained through the Rural Family Medicine Residency program at LSU’s Bogalusa Medical Center.”

Louisiana has a vast shortage of primary care physicians and statistics are expected to get worse. Congratulations to LSUHSC for working to help our state in this time of need!

Updates on grant databases

The CRISP database has been replaced with RePORT.

This NIH database kept all the CRISP features and added these:

Hit lists can be sorted and downloaded to Excel.
NIH funding is displayed for each project.
Publications as a result of support from a project contain links to PubMed.

To check out LSUHSC – New Orleans active grants use: LOUISIANA STATE UNIV HSC NEW ORLEANS in the Organization search box.