Effective January 1, 2021, the new State contracted travel agency will be Christopherson Business Travel (CBT).

CBT has been working within the higher education segment for over 30 years and manages travel for over 60 colleges and universities.


TOLL FREE: 800-961-0720
DIRECT: 205-874-8538
HOURS: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM CT, Monday - Friday

EMAIL:  statelauniv@cbtravel.com (University Advisor Team)

Online Technical Support:




Creation of a profile within CBT is the first step to booking airfare (see link to video tutorial below):

CREATE A TRAVEL PROFILE:  https://legacy.cbtravel.com/business/profile/stateofla/

  • Paying with personal credit card or Lacarte- select "department" as LSU/LSU Health Sciences Ctr. NO; save your card information on your profile to save time booking your flight.
  • Utilizing your Schoool/division's CBA (Centrally Billed Account)- select "department" as LSU HSC 'school name'-CBA



If you would like to book airfare for a guest of the University, please contact Danielle Burlison (dburli@lsuhsc.edu).

If you would like to be added as a travel arranger for another LSUHSC employee's travel profile, both the arranger and the traveler must have profiles established in Airportal. The traveler will add the designated arranger to their profile. Click here for instructions.

CBT Fees:


Online booking fee

  • $7.00 domestic or international ticket

 Agent assisted fees:

  • $24.00 per domestic ticket
  • $31.00 per international ticket

CBT Navigation and Training Videos:

Add travel arranger-guide

Create Profile -video

Book Airfare -video