La Carte Card Basic Rules

Having a LaCarte card is a privilege that comes with great responsibility.  Cardholders are expected to adhere to all rules laid out in the LaCarte Card User Guideand policies set forth by both the State and University.  Below is a summation of some of the key rules pertaining to card ownership and use.  Please be aware that all cardholders will receive a copy of the User Guide and are expected to familiarize themselves with it as it contains a more thorough discussion of the rules than is contained on the website.

- Do NOT share your card.  A cardholder is ultimately responsible for their card own and will be held accountable for any misuse that occurs from lending the card to a fellow employee.

- The single purchase transaction limit is $5,000. Splitting a transaction to circumvent this single transaction limit is against State Procurement law.

- All purchases with the LaCarte card card must be within the scope of the cardholder's job.  Personal purchases are not allowed under any circumstances.  Card misuse will result in card suspension, cardholder retraining, and possible card revocation.

- Receipts for every purchase must be collected by the cardholder and submitted, along with a signed transactions log, to the LaCarte Administrator on a monthly basis.  Each receipt should clearly state the date, the vendor, the dollar amount, and list what was purchased.

- Receipts and the monthly transaction log should be submitted to the Administrator within the week period following the close of the cycle, which is on the 6th of each month.  Continued instances of late submissions may result in a card suspension and the cardholder having to re-attend training.

- All items ordered over the phone or online must be shipped to an LSUHSC business address. Home shipments are NOT allowed.

- LaCarte card purchases are exempt from the 4% Louisiana state sales tax.  Please make vendors aware of this at the time of purchase.  If a vendor would like proof of the tax exempt status, please contact the LaCarte Administrator.  If tax is charged, the cardholder is responsible for having a credit issued.  A credit must be sought for any Louisiana sales tax charged over $25.

- Returns and credits are the responsibility of the cardholder.  Please be aware that credits issued will often post to the following cycle and that documentation for credits should be included with the transaction log for the cycle the credit posts in, not the cycle the original purchase was made in.

- Disputed charges are also the responsibility of the cardholder.  If a vendor accidentally overcharges or double charges for an item, please contact them to have a credit issued.  If they are noncompliant with your request for a credit, please fill out a Dispute Form and fax it to Bank of America.

- If you suspect fraudulent charges on your card, please contact Bank of America immediately at 1-877-451-4602 and then contact the LaCarte Administrator to notify them of the fraudulent charges so they can be reported to the State.  Bank of America will require the cardholder to submit an affidavit for any instances where fraud has occurred.


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