Physiology Department Head, Patricia Molina has been awarded a $4 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health for the study of how cannabinoids produce subtle changes in gene activity that affect how a person responds to HIV infection. The award was announced via EurekaAlert and LSUHSC twitter feed.

As the Times-Picayune reported the grant “will study how marijuana components called cannabinoids produce changes in gene activity that affects the body’s response to the AIDS virus.” The award will be dispersed over five years.

Pathophysiology Resources

It seems like only yesterday we were writing about pathophys resources for nursing, but another semester brings another round of students scurrying to gather and regurgitate the pathology, physiology and pharmacology of a motley crew of diseases.

Whether its Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm to Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, these resources should have you covered:

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2010
A single-source reference for practitioners in both hospital and ambulatory settings. Annually updated, this book emphasizes the practical features of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine and in specialties of interest to primary care practitioners.

EbschoHOST ÔÇô CINAHLplus with Full text
Database of journal articles in nursing. try a key word search of your topic (i.e.: Necrotizing fasciitis and pathophysiology) Limit to full text under ÔÇ£search optionsÔÇØ on the right side of the screen.

Online textbooks in nursing. Search many textbooks at once for your topic.

Nursing Consult
Search 30 nursing books and journal articles from MEDLINE/PubMed.

Simple overviews on health topics from authoritative sources on the web.

Genetics Home Reference
Free access to consumer-friendly information on medical genetics and disorders, with references to scientific journal articles

Off campus access instructions

Winter Olympics & Exp Physiol

New Orleans was so busy with the Saints in the Superbowl and then Carnival that many missed that the Winter Olympics have started again. Experimental Physiology has issued a special themed issue (v95 n3 March 2010) in commemoration of the athletic event. The issue explores “the biological and environmental challenges elite winter athletes must overcome to win gold.”

Off campus access will require a Library barcode & PIN.