Thieme MedOne Radiology Trial

The library obtained a one month trial for the Thieme MedOne Radiology resource until December 27th. Radiology faculty had requested that we investigate the product. Please take a bit of time to look it over before the holiday break and let us know if this resource is of interest.

The resource contains ebooks, Radiology cases, E-journals, and media. Includes Top Score of the Radiology Boards: Q&A for the core and certifying exams. (the 2018 first edition)

To access this on-campus, please use this link:

To access it off-campus, please use this link to authenticate through our proxy system:  You will need your library barcode and PIN.  If you don’t have a PIN, follow the instructions as prompted to create one

Please contact Marlene Bishop with your evaluation of the resource before the holiday break.

 Marlene Bishop, MLIS, AHIP
Head, Collection Development

Phone: 504-568-6109

Inner Beauty of Nature: X-Ray Photography

The retired professor of surgery, Bert Myers, published a book about x-ray photography. A mere 18 years after the x-ray was discovered by Roentgen, the French scientist Goby took an x-ray of a leaf in 1913 and soon to follow were others that took an interest in the unique and creative art form. Most recently, Myers has been adding color to some of his x-rayed images through Photoshop.

The book mentions four image manipulations: positive, negative, solarized, and line derivation. ?áBelow is a positive black & white image of a blue crab.

12-4-2011 6-52-40 PM

For more details and an up close look at more photos, the book is available through his website or borrow the library’s copy.

If you arenÔÇÖt familiar with locating books in our library donÔÇÖt fret, take a look at our How to find a book tutorial on the libraryÔÇÖs homepage (updates coming soon!).

XRays from an 1896 Machine

A new article which is available online before print from Radiology analyzes the differences between an XRay machine from 1896 (found in a Dutch hospital’s storage area) and modern equipment. Wired has a great article on the research.

Featured Books X-Ray display

X-Ray displayTo celebrate the 115th anniversay of the invention of the X-ray, a new display is now available in the library. It features many books on radiology. These books are available for check out.

XRays Discovered 115 Years Ago

xraydiscovery2010-ps Check out the Google logo today. In recognizes that Wilhelm Conrad R?Ântgen (commonly spelled Roentgen) accidentally discovered “a new type of ray.” He won the Nobel Prize in 1901 for his discovery, but in physics not medicine.